All child sexual abuse happens as a result of the choices adults make.


Nearly 70% of sexual assaults reported in the US are on children 17 and under.


By joining together we can see our communities, schools, and churches become safe places for children.

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“All child sexual abuse happens as a result of the choices adults make.” Our decisions can put a child in danger . . . or keep them from harm. It’s that simple. And the more we know, the better our decisions will be. One decision that will make a difference is to become an APC Champion.

What are APC Champions?
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Most efforts focus on helping children and teens recover from child sexual abuse or on problems that happen post-abuse, like teen pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, and even suicide. We believe we can actually take steps to prevent abuse if we know where to start.

What steps can I take?
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It is a lack of training that often leads adults to unwittingly putting the children in their care in danger. Our mission at APC is to end child sexual abuse by training today’s adults to protect the children in their homes, schools, neighborhoods, churches, and communities.

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