Brent Bounds PhD
Director of Family Ministries
Redeemer Presbyterian Church 
New York, New York

Steve’s work in helping Redeemer Presbyterian Church broaden and strengthen our Child Protection Policy and Procedures was invaluable.  Steve has such a passion for the work of protecting children and creating safe environments where children can learn.  He had great attention to detail and made sure our policy thoroughly covered all areas.  I would highly recommend working with Steve Collins and Adults Protecting Children.

Dewey Moye, Superintendent
Lumpkin County Schools
Dahlonega, Georgia

April 14, 2011
Dear Mr. Collins,
I would like to personally thank you for introducing the Stewards of Children Sexual Abuse Prevention Program to our county. During my years of employment with Lumpkin County Schools, I have seen many children who have been sexually abused and the negative impact it has in their lives. There was no question about whether or not we would participate in training 100% of our staff in this program. We realize the importance of reducing the incidence and prevalence rates of child sexual abuse. Not only do we see the affects in the classroom of the child being abused, but we see the affects within the family and community at large.

By training 100% of our staff, we will contribute to fighting the larger cause of sexual abuse. As a result of this training, not only have we raised the awareness of our educators, but it has caused us to take a closer look at our current policies and we are looking at areas we need to improve to better protect the children in our school system. Given the prevalence of sexual abuse and the life-long effects the children suffer, I hope our success with this training will cause other school systems to follow suit in training 100% of their staff. We are excited to be to be a part of the county-wide effort to train 5% of all adults in Lumpkin County. How exciting to know we are putting potential perpetrators on alert and working towards being the safest place in Georgia to raise children.

Again, thank you for introducing this program and for the impact you are making in our county and state.

Best Regards,
Dewey Moye

Lee Darragh, District Attorney
Northeastern Judicial Circuit, Georgia
Gainesville, Georgia

July 11,2011
My name is Lee Darragh, District Attorney for the Northeastern Judicial Circuit in Georgia. I am writing this letter of endorsement for Adults Protecting Children and its child sexual abuse prevention program. I and some of my staff in the District Attorney’s office have gone through the “Stewards of Children” training and we highly recommend it.

Child sexual abuse is a huge problem in our community, and we see far too many cases being tried in our court system. The costs of child sexual abuse have a significant impact on our cities and counties. Trying a case, the cost of prison for a convicted child molester, and the costs of treatment for the victim place a heavy burden on taxpayers. Far too many children are impacted by abuse, and we need to put much more emphasis on prevention.

Adults Protecting Children is an organization committed to bringing about a county-wide prevention initiative. Until we are intentional about focusing on prevention, we will continue to see case after case come into our court system, adding to the already over-burdened system. The fact that Adults Protecting Children focuses on prevention makes this program particularly important.

Our experience with the training of Adults Protecting Children has convinced us that if more adults went through the “Stewards of Children” program, we would have the real potential of reducing the number of children who are abused.

Lee Darragh, District Attorney

Dr. John Stuart Batchelder
Professor of Criminal Justice
University of North Georgia — Dahlonega

I had the occasion to participate in the “Stewards of Children” training program today. Everyone should do this, every single person who is reading this recommendation should take this training.

This short program is not so much for professionals, agency volunteers, or child-care workers as it is information all people should know. I urge you to do it. Every Administrator, the President, the Deans, VP’s, instructors, staff members, employees, shop owners, everyone in North Georgia.

It will impact you in ways you can’t imagine. If there was ever a way to change something really bad in society, this is it. This little session (two hours and 30 minutes) is going to do three things.

 1. Make you aware of how damaging child sexual abuse is, not only to victims, but everyone that has relationships with victims for the rest of their lives. (You may think you already know, but you don’t.)

2. Let you find out how “doing nothing” in the face of abuse is the worst thing you could do.

3. Change your life, and another person’s life, someone you will never meet.

This is probably the most important thing you will ever do. I urge you to take this, it is super important. I told you that I’m not the type of person who would ever think about sending a message like this to this particular group of recipients, but knowing what I now know about this topic has compelled me to act. It is not hard, not inconvenient, and too important to dismiss. Take this program, everyone.

Dr. John Stuart Batchelder, Professor of Criminal Justice