Words from our friends

Recommendations from friends of APC

“I know Steve to be a dedicated professional with an inspiring commitment to educate individuals and groups and protect children from sexual assault. The investment he is making by instructing both facilitators and community leaders in the Stewards of Children training will impact the health and well-being of children, families and communities for generations to come. His desire to establish prevention initiatives on a community-by-community basis rounds out his tireless work. As I work within communities that have been positively affected by Adults Protecting Children and Stewards of Children training, I regularly hear encouraging words about Steve and his work. I am grateful for the role he is playing in protecting children.” Rape Response Executive Director

“Steve is a passionate advocate for protecting children. His training skills are effective at equipping adults to know and take the action required to transform our communities on the epidemic but often hidden problem of child sexual abuse.” Pastor

“It would be easy to say that Steve is outgoing, winsome, professional and compassionate. He is certainly all those things but I’d rather that you knew what I told him one day about his work as the force behind Adults Protecting Children. I told Steve that he probably would never know the lives that were changed because of his heart for protecting our most vulnerable fellow humans. I said that I imagined him one day, in a empty courtroom, now old and gray. As he looked around he saw chairs now empty of hostile people, lawyers and wounded children. The room was empty and Steve looked around and thought, “‘My work is done now, before rising and slowly walking out the door and into the sunshine of a world now less painful to grow up in.'” Fundraiser/Advisor