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Champion Pledge

Our decisions can put a child in danger or keep them from harm. It’s that simple. And the more we know . . . the better our decisions will be. One decision you can make is to become an APC Champion by doing one (or all) of the following:

Attend an APC/Stewards of Children training event:

Make a financial donation:

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Our Champions are committed to making choices that protect not only their own children, but the children in their communities. The challenges facing our communities regarding the sexual abuse of children are huge.  We believe that when adults are better educated, they make decisions that actually protect children and prevent abuse.

It’s a big charge, but one we can accomplish together! Studies show that when critical mass is reached, culture begins to change. All we need is 5% of adults in any given institution, neighborhood, or community to create the tipping point and stop child sexual abuse. By joining together to protect and prevent, we can see our communities, schools, and churches become safe places for children.

As an APC Champion—
YOU can be on the forefront of changing culture.
And more importantly, protect the children you love
from being destroyed by child sexual abuse.

All abuse happens as a result of the choices we make.

Help us end abuse.