Policy Resources

Having a written policy and procedures is one of the most important ways of creating safe environments for children. But writing policy and procedures can be a big challenge. We have some very practical resources that can help you and our organization.

Our material is written with a focus on churches and schools. But the specific subject areas that are addressed are applicable to any organization that serves children and youth.

Free Resources:

Policy Introduction Booklet: This resource is a short summary of all the different areas your policy and procedures documents need to address. We give you suggestions on what documents ought to be written first and then how to add to those initial documents to create a thorough child protection environment.

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Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 3.56.23 PM Policy Review Worksheet: This resource can be used if you already have a policy in place. We have 7 basic subject areas that each policy ought to cover. This worksheet goes subject by subject and list several specific items that should be included under each subject. You can compare your current policy with the items we have listed to help identify gaps in your documents that should be addressed.

If you would like, you can request a free policy review of your current documents. We will then send you a detailed report of how to improve and build on what you already have in place.

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Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 4.06.38 PMCode of Conduct: One of the most important documents an organization can have is a Code of Conduct. A Code of Conduct describes the boundaries adults must observe when interacting with children. In most organizations boundary limits are interspersed throughout the policy and procedures documents. We suggest you have this one document that makes clear how you want the adults in your organization to interact with children. This is a document you should review annually with all staff and volunteers and require that each adult who works with children sign the document, indicating their commitment to maintain these safe boundaries. This document can also be a great tool for monitoring adult behavior. When you see an adult who crosses those boundaries you are then able to address the behavior with that adult. If boundary violations continue, then you have reason to suspect something is wrong and take action.

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Additional Resources:



Safe Kids at Church Workbook: This workbook provides you with detailed information about all that needs to go into your policy and procedures documents. We even provide you some suggested wording in key sections. The workbooks indicates areas in your policy where you need to have your lawyer provide input. We bring up challenging issues that you need to address and suggests ways to approach those issues in your documents. You can purchase the workbook for $20. It comes as a downloadable PDF.

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Consultation Services: We would love the opportunity to work one-on-one with your organization in writing your policy and procedures documents. We will guide you step-by-step through the Safe Kids at Church Workbook as you complete each section and provide reviews and suggestions until you have your completed documents.

Though the Safe Kids at Church workbook is written for churches, the content is basic to any organization. I don’t think there is another product available that provides this much practical information. We will help you craft your documents to fit your specific context.

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