What We Do


Our strategic plan is to create a Prevent Now Initiative in each county. This initiative brings together key organizations, leaders, churches, youth-serving organizations, parents and concerned adults who drive the initiative. The role of the initiative is to generate as many opportunities as possible for the Stewards of Children training.

The idea is that wherever a child goes, the adults responsible for that child all have the same basic skills to keep that child safe. So when the child is at home, at school, at the after-school program and at church, all of the responsible adults have put in place practices and procedures intended to protect that child and say to perpetrator, We are watching and we refuse to allow you access to our children. Each initiative works toward a specific goal. Depending on the size of the county, the initiative will take from 3 to 5 years to reach the goal.

The Tipping Point

Our goal in each institution, neighborhood, or community is to train 5% of the adult population in the Stewards of Children training.  When 5% of any given “audience” connects with and takes action on a message, it’s called the “tipping point.”  This is the point at which momentum is achieved that can actually bring about a cultural shift. With continued work, you can then bring about a cultural change.

That is what we are all about: cultural change. We want to see each church, school, civic group, neighborhood, and community move from a place where child sexual abuse is shrouded in fear and denial, which keeps kids vulnerable, to one where preventing sexual abuse is openly discussed and there is simply no place for a molester to have freedom to assault children.