Is Cultural Change Possible?

Yes! We have evidence:

Lumpkin County in North Georgia has a rich heritage. It was the first gold rush city in the country back in 1833. You have heard that phrase: “There’s gold in them thar hills.” That was said about Lumpkin County gold when miners started to head west in search of gold.

Now Lumpkin County has set the gold standard for a community that has taken on the issue of protecting children from sexual abuse. The Lumpkin County School System was the first in Georgia and only the second in the country to train 100% of its staff, including cafeteria workers and bus drivers.

In addition to the school system, every daycare organization employee in the county (with the exception of one organization) and every employee and volunteer for the Parks and Rec Department has gone through the Stewards of Children training. The entire Sheriff’s office, both patrol and administrative, has been trained. Hospital nurses have been trained and the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega now requires students in certain disciplines to receive the training as part of their course requirement. Staff from the DA’s office and Child Protective Services has been trained as well.

So in Lumpkin County, Georgia, from the time a child enters daycare to when they graduate from high school, they are almost always in the presence of an adult who has been trained in Stewards of Children. Lumpkin County is perhaps the safest place in Georgia to raise children!

First gold rush in the country in 1833